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General Club Questions

How do I register?

You can register for all CRUSA/FC Bucks programs by using the following link:  CRUSA / FC Bucks Registration

I’m not sure if I completed my registration-how can I find out?

All of your registration information can be found in your Household Account. You can use these instructions to find it: Find My Registrations

What is a non-resident fee and does it apply to me?

Just prior to the Fall 2010 season, Northampton Township Board of Supervisors voted to initiate a non-resident use fee for all user groups applying to use township fields. These fees apply to all FC Bucks, CRUSA Travel and CRUSA Intramural players, as well as camp registrants.

Please view additional info and see if the non-resident fee applies to you and the program you are registering for here:  Non-Resident Fee Info Sheet

Do you have a lost and found?

Any found items are often turned in at the CRUSA office : 95 Almshouse Rd, Suite 104, Richboro, PA 18954.
You can email or call ahead to see if your item has been turned in: 267-988-4053.


Why do I want to play in the ECNL

Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) provides the best male and female youth league in the world. The ECNL provides the structure, competition and showcase events that allow our players to develop into collegiate level athletes. Our current structure plus the ECNL enables us to continue to develop elite level players in the clearest and most efficient way. The ECNL will continue to help us graduate players who will go on to play at some of the best colleges in the country.

Can my child still play ODP if she makes an ECNL Team?

Yes, the ECNL is not imposing restrictions on players to prevent them from participating in any other identification program.

How often do FC Bucks ECNL teams travel?

Playing on an FC Bucks ECNL team requires significant commitment. Teams travel approximately 6-8 times per year with mostly regional travel and some national travel.

Why do we have to travel so far?

As the competition increases, teams must travel to play the best competition. FC Bucks selects events based on our location, club soccer season and high school seasons. These events rotate each year across the country.

My child wants to play for an “in-state” college. Why do I need to travel so far to play?

College coaches from across the country attend each ECNL event. College coaches from our state will travel across the country to watch the players compete. The college coaches want to be able to evaluate players’ skills against the best competition.

Can ECNL teams have guest players?

Only players from within FC Bucks can be added to an ECNL roster for an FC Bucks ECNL team. No players can guest play from outside FC Bucks. These players will be added based on their performance, ability and opportunity within the ECNL teams. Once these players are pulled into the ECNL Team for any event or game, they remain on the roster and can play in any future ECNL events and games.

Which age groups compete for FC Bucks ECNL?

FC Bucks will field teams identified as U13 ECNL, U14 ECNL, U15 ECNL, U16 ECNL, U17 ECNL, U18 ECNL, and U18/U19 Composite ECNL, that compete in the Elite Clubs National League.

How many players will be selected for each FC Bucks ECNL team?

16-22 full time players will be selected for each team.

Who selects FC Bucks ECNL teams?

Selection will be made at tryouts by the age group coach.

Can my child play for an FC Bucks ECNL team AND his/her school soccer team?

Yes, FC Bucks ECNL players can play on their school teams.

What about playing time in ECNL Conference Play and College Showcases?

The ECNL is the highest level of play for youth soccer. Playing time cannot be predetermined or guaranteed for any player. Player personnel choices and playing time is based on each player’s ability, attitude and game circumstances.

However, ALL players selected for an ECNL team at tryouts have been selected as they have shown they can contribute to the team playing at this level and through the course of the season players will receive ample opportunities to perform and play.


When are travel tryouts?

Tryouts for Travel, Elite and Premier teams generally begin in late March/early April prior to the next Fall season. Please check the Tryouts Page for more information regarding a specific team or age group.

When will I know if my child made a travel team?

You will be invited by the coach, and/or through email should your child be selected. You then accept or decline through the invitation sentt from registration system, and complete the registration if you accept.

My child was selected for a travel team, what do I do now?

After your coach sends the team’s roster to CRUSA Administration, you will receive an email that your tryout registrant is eligible to register for the Travel, FC Bucks or Developmental Travel Program.  Log in to your account using the online registration system, register for the travel program and pay the commitment fee. The remaining balance of the travel fee can be made at that time, or in 1 additional payment.  Details are provided through the registration system.


What is the purpose of the Junior Academy?

The CRUSA FC Bucks Junior Academy welcomes players of all abilities to develop a love for the game and learn the foundational skills necessary to play in our travel program. Professional trainers work with players in the U7 and U8 age groups to develop the basic soccer technical and tactical skills, foundations for aspiring soccer players, with emphasis on individualized attention (low player:trainer ratio). Professional trainers and parent volunteers are utilized to supervise/coach weekend festival games.

What does registration cover?

Professional Training

Twice each week. Fall and Spring on Monday and Wednesday from 6-7pm at the Northampton Township Civic Center. Winter modules are one weeknight and one weekend day at a local CRSD school gym. A CRUSA FC Bucks Coaching Director will oversee and train at each session. The training staff will include professional trainers and college players.

Weekly Festivals

Festivals are a series of small sided, round-robin, outdoor games held at both CRUSA FCB home fields, and other local clubs within a limited travel area. Festivals are typically held on Sundays in the Fall, and a mixture of Sat/Sun in the Spring, and last approximately 2 hours.


Full year Junior Academy registrants have the option of enrolling in our Fall and Spring Intramural Programs at no additional cost.

*Please Note: The required Uniform kit is purchased separately and is good for two years of Academy. Approximate cost of the full Academy uniform kit, consisting of jersey, shorts and socks is $45.

How are teams formed?

Players will train together in small groups and are assigned to a trainer for each session.  For the festivals, players will be assigned to teams for the small sided games (6-8 players per festival team; 4v4 or 5v5 formats). Professional trainers/coaches and parent leaders will lead and supervise the games. Players will be assigned to different festival teams, mixed in with different kids, and assigned to different coaches every week. Team Snap is used to manage player availability.

What is the game format for the Junior Academy Teams?

The games will most often be small-sided 5v5 (4 plus a goalie) festivals.

A “festival” consists of several, 15-20 minute small sided games, and scores or standings are NOT kept. U7 and U8 teams will play 2-3 games at each festival in the fall and spring. Whenever possible, the small sided teams are formed with the same birth year players, and play teams that are of the same birth year, but sometimes U7’s and U8’s can be mixed.

**The benefits of Small Sided Games are many – repeated touches on the ball by all players, more passes attempted, repeated decision making in a confined area, more opportunities to play both sides of the ball, both offense and defense, and more playing time per player, resulting in more player engagement throughout the game.


When does the season start?

Fall Intramurals begins in early September. Spring Intramurals begins in early April. Both are 8-9 weeks long.

Do we get uniforms?

Yes, shirt and socks.  You need to provide shorts, cleats, shin guards.

What time are practices?

Practice schedules are determined by our volunteer coaches, who set the times based on their own schedules, as well as trying to work with the schedules of the parents on the team.

What time are games?

Games are on Saturdays, and schedules are posted on the Intramural Webpage.

Where do we play?

Typically, intramural games are played at Richboro Elementary and Richboro Middle School. Some older teams (U14, U19) play games against Hulmeville teams, and will have a couple of games at their fields.





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