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Commonly Asked Questions

  • How Many Guests are Permitted in Rock Spring League?  (5) Guests for 7v7 and 9v9 and (7) Guests for 11v11 - these guests cannot push your game day roster over the roster max for your age group AND the guests must be carded travel players.
  • What are the referee fees for Rock Spring League?  Ref fees can be found at this link - https://www.epysa.org/referee-fees/  please note that 7v7 and 9v9 games will be assigned one referee and 11v11 games will be assigned three referees.  Please be prepared with your fees.
  • Can Rock Spring League make changes to my fall roster?  YES!!  This year, with the new Got Sport system, Rock Spring League can make changes to your roster!  The first step is for you to Clone your roster to RSL.  Once that is completed, we can make any changes to your roster.
  • How do I clone my roster to Rock Spring League?  Many clubs will have their club admin clone all of their rosters to their spring leagues, so please check with your club first.  If you are going to clone your team to RSL directly, please follow these steps:  1- Log into your Got Sport Account 2- Click on Team Management 3- Click on Rosters 4- Click on Rock Spring League and click on SEARCH. 5- Click on "clone roster from fall league" - which is located on the right hand side of the page, about 1/2 way down.  6- Click Submit.
  • Is there a cost to add players to my spring roster?  Yes - cost to add a primary player is $12.75 per player.  Cost to add a secondary player is $3.00. Cost to transfer players or release players is $1.00.
  • Is there a cost if I am a new team and need passes for my entire team?  Yes - cost per player is $12.75 plus a flat team fee of $39.00.  So if you have a team of 10 players, $12.75 x 10 players plus $39 = $166.50.
  • My team is interested in playing up a year - is this an option?  Yes, many teams in the spring want to try out the new format (9v9 or 11v11) that they will be playing in the fall and choose to "play up".  Very often these teams play the new format but are still grouped with teams their own age, due to the popularity of this option.  When you register to play, answer each question to be placed properly and feel free to drop an email to rockleague@crusa.net to confirm.

For additional information or questions, please reach out to:

Jill DeLucia
Fax - 267-988-4029

Rock Spring League is the area's most established spring soccer travel youth league with 500 teams competing in soccer ages U9 through U19 for both boys and girls.  All games will be scheduled on Sunday afternoons starting early spring (4/11/21) and playing through early June (6/6/21).  No games will be played on Mother's Day (5/9) or Memorial Day Weekend (5/30).

Early registration fee to play Rock Spring is $150.  After the early registration deadline of 12/31/20, cost will increase to $165.  Deadline to register is 2/15/21.  After this date, teams will be accepted to a wait list and will only be accepted to fill out brackets.



This year, Rock League will be able to make changes to your roster, after it is cloned from your fall league.  We can also help you build a roster if you are a new team.  Please reach out to Jill at rockleague@crusa.net for more information.

We offer multiple divisions in all age groups and we do allow teams to play up in age where appropriate.


  • All teams U11 and older will receive Got Soccer points for league games
  • A wide array of levels of play are offered in each age group, to allow for a variety of competition
  • Game changes are permitted within 7 days of initial schedule release
  • Game changes are permitted for cup play throughout the spring
  • Once the season begins, we will continue to offer game changes at no charge, as long as they are submitted by the Monday before the weekend and all changes are agreed upon by both teams.

If your team is interested in forming your own "INVITATIONAL BRACKET",
please reach out to Jill for more information.

This year, all registrations will be through the new Got Sport system.


For additional information or questions, please reach out to:

Jill DeLucia
Fax - 267-988-4029


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